Part 4 of the Scottish Morning Star Readers & Supporters Conference. 

Recorded August 2016 at the Scottish Trades Union Congress

Building sales in the Trade Union Movement

Tom Morrison, Secretary Clydebank Trades Union Council and Communications Officer for West Dunbartonshire Unison

Tom appealed to Star supporters to make the best of their workplace contacts. ‘It’s direct personal contact on a continuing basis that wins new readers – the respect shown to the work of trade union activists and the political discussion they provide. Winning Star readers also makes the wider job of workplace organisation easier by creating a pool of people who are politically informed and who themselves can carry forward the arguments required.’

Trades Union Councils were also important. ‘Those involved tend to the be most politically committed trade unionists – working in their own free time and seeing the importance of solidarity between different unions. Wherever possible they should be the basis for RSGs’.
‘And don’t neglect the use of social media. People want immediate responses. Debate and discussion does not wait until the press comes out the following day. Groups should have twitter accounts and feed into those already existing at British and Scottish levels.'