Part 3 of the Scottish Morning Star Readers & Supporters Conference. 

Recorded August 2016 at the Scottish Trades Union Congress

Tony Kierney and Sandra Trotter reported from Dumfries RSG.

The group had been established in February 2014 and had now secured a Saturday readership. In at least one case these casual readers had been converted into regular daily readers. The group had produced promotional leaflets, held meetings on topical issues such as the Easter Rising and developed links with the Trades Union Council and the Film Centre. They had won both the local RMT branch and Unison to take out shares and taken the paper on to EIS and RMT picket lines. They had also had some excitement.

Recently they had secured the very speedy exit from Dumfries of the Conservative Scottish Secretary David Mundell by surrounding him with Morning Star sellers. Their proudest claim, however, was that of raising £1002 since their formation for the Star’s Fighting Fund.

Arthur West reported from Ayrshire RSG

Arthur stressed the importance of regular activity. The Ayrshire group been active for over five years and held regular monthly meetings. They sought to make these as attractive and accessible as possible and had found film shows particularly useful. Over 50 has attended the Tony Benn Life and Legacy showing earlier in the year in Irvine and sixteen come to the meeting with Esther Clark on Sanny Sloan MP earlier that week in Auchinleck. They also moved their paper sales around Ayrshire from Irvine to Kilmarnock.

Reporting: a Voice for the Movement
Zoe Streatfield, Morning Star Scottish Reporter

Zoe stressed that it was an exciting time to be a reporter for the Star in Scotland with increasing activity on the Left and with sections of the movement, Unite, RMT, EIS, all taking a far more proactive stance on issues. She had been allocated to the Corbyn campaign by the Star and was building up contacts. However, the bulk of Corbyn supporters still did not make the connection between their own politics and the readership of the Star and this remained a challenge for us.
Zoe appealed for details of Labour Movement events.